1. How do you get paid?

I normally work on a Reward Basis. I charge a show up fee, based on time and travel, to cover my initial expenses. That is all you owe me, unless I find your item. If I find your item YOU determine the reward. In some cases an insurance company may pay me a percent of the value of the item.

2. How do I contact you?

You can email me through the contact form or you may call me on my cell 773-206-8476.

3. How Far do you travel?

Generally I travel up to two hours away from Chicago, Ofcourse the longer the distant, th higher the show up fee.

4. What is your success rate?

That generally depends on whether the lost item is known to be within a specific area, If the item is Not within the area obviously I cant find it. Some people believe that they lost it in a specific area and then find it someplace completely removed from the site. Ineed to stress that the sooner we begin to hunt, the better the chances of findingyour item.

5. What Equipment do you use?

I use a Minelab CTX3030, a Minelab Excalibur, and a Deus.

James Evans 2013